Here are just a few photos of St Weonard's Church for interest:

Church tower in the sun - May 2018:

Church tower in the snow - December 2017:

Church from the south as the swallows arrive - May 2018:

East end of church, churchyard and preaching cross - May 2018:

Preaching cross (+ sundial) close up - May 2018:

Churchyard meadow area with celtic cross and views to east - May 2018:

St Weonard's Church interior looking east - May 2018:

Chancel, choir stalls and east end:

Church organ re-built by Sir Richard Mynors in south chancel:

Communion table at east end:

Entrance to the Mynors Chapel in north aisle:

Plaque commemorating Sir Roger Mynors and Sir Humphrey Mynors in Mynors Chapel:

North aisle with its original medieval barrel ceiling:

Relocated chancel screen towards west end of north aisle:

East window in north aisle:

East window in north aisle - portrait view:

Angel relief on north wall of north aisle:

North window at east end:

South window at east end:

Parishioners' donations plaque on south wall of tower:

Churchyard path in the snow - December 2017:

Churchyard bench deep in snow - December 2017: