Christian festival wood carving group

Christian festival wood carving group

6 Jan 2019 • General

Christian Festival Wood Carving Group

You are invited to join our 21st century Christian festival wood carving group.

We meet every other Wednesday, 10am to midday, in Kentchurch.

We have a generous supply of tools and wood.  We work in a warm, well-lit workshop.  We share ideas and encourage each other.  We have a professional tutor 5 times a year who encourages us and reviews the risks we take!  There is no charge but, please note, you participate at your own risk as we are not insured.

We need to grow and would love to meet other people who might be interested.  Please speak to Clare on 01981 240221 if you'd like to find out more.

Here's a photo of our work-in-progress nativity scene: