Lessons from history

4 Nov 2021 • From Bishop Richard Jackson

Bishop Richard quotes Thomas Carlyle's description of Britain at the start of the 18th century as “stomach well alive, soul extinct."  France was very similar.

'But the economic injustices and vast disparity of wealth in the two countries had very different outcomes.  France ... had a revolution, but Britain didn’t.  From the 1730s onwards, the preaching, first of Whitfield and later of Wesley, led to a widespread revival of Christian faith.  Lives and communities were transformed.  Faith spread to the poor and needy, not just the middle class and well off.  France had its revolution but Britain had a revival.'

Bishop Richard goes on to say that 'enough people came to Christ to change a culture.'  This was preceded by faithful Christians praying fervently for God's intervention.  Bishop Richard encourages us to be praying likewise for the Lord to come afresh in our time, to renew our land and its people.

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