Serving to transform

28 Apr 2022 • From Bishop Richard Jackson

This week we said goodbye to two diocesan co-workers, Chrissie Pepler and Revd Brian Chave.  In this week's message, Bishop Richard thanks them for their service and discusses what it means to serve.

Bishop Richard concludes: "In this Easter season, the events of Christ’s sacrifice for us and his resurrection put a different truth claim front and centre. God is revealed as servant-hearted and loving. Ultimately, he triumphs over evil through these things rather than the imposition of force. This is the truth imprinted in the world God has created, whose reality is fleshed out in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. This truth is more than enough to transform a broken world, and even broken people like you and me if we will allow Him to."

A full transcript of this week's video is available here. For other transcripts, visit the Bishop of Hereford's Message section of the diocesan website.