Growing in faith

Growing in faith can happen in many different ways; through prayer, attending a church service, reading a bible, talking to another Christian or in silent contemplation.

No-one is born knowing about God and Jesus. Some people learnt about the Christian faith at home, or from trusted adults, or from a group of Christian friends.

From time to time, our churches run courses such as Pilgrim, Alpha or Christianity Explored and the Diocese of Hereford also runs courses. They are a great opportunity to ask questions and to test out your ideas about Christian faith.

Our clergy team will also be very willing to discuss any thoughts and questions you might have about the Christian faith and your church may also have members of the congregation who are able to offer support.

There are specific church services such as Christening (Baptism) or Confirmation which welcome you and/or your child into the church family. They are a way of expressing and showing your relationship with God and with his Son, Jesus Christ.