The risk of the Ascension

13 May 2021 • From Bishop Richard Jackson

Bishop Richard says: 'The very survival of the Church to the beginning of the 21st century seems to me one of the best bits of evidence that the Gospel is actually true. Jesus started with such unpromising material! Something must have happened to [the early disciples] for them to achieve what they did.  Over the last 2000 years the Church has survived some of the most concerted efforts of human beings to wipe it out.'

'Jesus’ departure means He has left himself with no hands but ours.  When we point the finger at Him and ask why He doesn’t do more, we find, as with any finger pointing, three pointing back at us.  His extraordinary intention was that Christian communities were meant to be an extension of the incarnation.  However much we might wish it different there is no plan B.  This is our calling: to know Christ, make him known and demonstrate the reality of his love through our loving service of his world.'

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