24-7 Prayer for our Diocese

25 Nov 2023 • From Bishop Richard Jackson

This week, as our Year of Prayer draws to a close, Bishop Richard invites us to participate in our last big activity -- a 24/7 round-the-clock prayer space in the Chapel at the Palace in Hereford.  The Chapel will be open for prayer from 6am to 10pm every day from 3rd - 12th December leading up to a closing service for the Year of Prayer in the Cathedral.  All very welcome to come and pray for any time during that period.

Bishop Richard says: 'Church history tells us that major revivals in church fortunes, especially those that brought new people to faith were preceded by an upsurge in the passionate prayer of God’s people.... A prayerful church acknowledges its dependence on the Lord and recognises that it the Holy Spirit’s work to bring growth.... It's why we have been sharing a Year of Prayer together as a first step in our diocesan strategy.  A church that takes prayer seriously is more likely to be a vehicle to bring people to faith and make a difference to our community.  A church that marginalises prayer and doesn’t see it as vital clearly won’t.'

Visit the diocesan website for transcripts of the Bishop of Hereford's Message.