The real hope of the world

22 Dec 2023 • From Bishop Richard Jackson

In his final weekly video of 2023, Bishop Richard asks how we respond to the Christmas story in the Bible?  Just a fairy tale or a metaphor to explain deeper truths?  

Bishop Richard says: 'It is the story of Emmanuel, God with us.  Confronted with this reality we cannot live as if it isn’t the turning point of history.  St. James in his letter said, “faith without works is dead.”  His is an abrupt challenge to us.  Faith in Jesus Christ is always personal but never private.  Faith in Jesus Christ changes our relationship with God, but it also changes our relationship with the world around us.'

'We live in a broken, violent world and we’re called to live our lives as salt and light in that world....  Current world events could lead us to despair but the cumulative effect of many Christian acts of obedience can change things.  Our prayer, our giving, our life choices can all make a difference.'

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