Britain -- a different country

30 May 2024 • From Bishop Richard Jackson

Bishop Richard has been in the Kingdom of Bahrain for the consecration of our former Rural Dean, Sean Semple, as the new Bishop of Cyprus and the Gulf.

From the perspective of Bahrain, Bishop Richard reflects on how the familiarity we have with our own culture has stopped us seeing how radically detached the UK has become from its Christian foundations.  'We live in a country now where we ... have largely rejected the King [Jesus].'

We 'will need to be in a constant place of prayerful discernment as [we] seek to be faithful to the Lord ...'.  'Such prayerful dependence, the dependence [that Jesus'] disciples learned on their first mission, is something we need to cultivate even more.'

You can find a transcript of this week's video on the diocesan website.