Bell-ringing in our churches

Bell-ringing in church towers is a very old tradition dating back many hundreds of years. The St Weonards benefice is made up of 8 churches but not all have towers with bells that can be rung. The 3 towers that do are the churches of Garway, Orcop and St Weonards.

Bell-ringing is a group activity, a hobby.  It is not particularly strenuous, does not need a musical talent and can be enjoyed by young and older alike.  Age is no barrier to taking up bell-ringing!

If you would like to find out more, please contact the Tower Captain at St Weonards, Peter Hallewell, on 01981 580203.

Practices are held at St Weonard's Church on Thursday evenings 7:00pm - 8:30pm.  Beginners will be given 1:1 teaching to get started, until you can handle a bell on your own (a bit like driving!).  If you wish to come along and have a go, please get in touch.

Please be aware that all practices are currently suspended while the church is closed due to the COVID-19 social distancing restrictions.  We hope to be back soon!

What's bell-ringing all about?

Ringing is done by bands of bell-ringers. There are many bands in England, the remainder of the British Isles and in many English-speaking countries.  Ringing requires gentle physical effort, it challenges and stimulates the brain and nourishes the soul. It is also a public performance, calling people to church services, weddings, funerals, special occasions or just for the pure pleasure of it!  Ringers come from all walks of life and can be of any age from ten to those well on into later life.

Why learn to ring?

  • First and foremost, it is immensely enjoyable
  • It is a very old traditional skill, which we should maintain
  • It is a lifelong learning experience
  • It is a service to the church and to the community
  • It is a group activity, where you can widen your circle of friends
  • It is a gentle physical workout and a great mental workout
  • It is a team activity and you can join in with any band anywhere
  • It costs very little, only time and getting to and from the church.

Could I become a ringer?

"Yes, if you can ride a bicycle or drive, you’ve learnt a similar skill as ringing!"

The initial teaching takes several weeks to learn how to handle a bell, after which a learner can begin to ring with the rest of the band.  Most ringers practice once a week and ring for church services on a Sunday. There are also many other opportunities for ringing.